Weekend gone

Well, if anything, this blog is making me follow through on the plans I have for the weekend!

Friday night – homemade pizza (not in the original plans!).  Used the recipe from Giorgio Locatelli’s book, “Made in Italy”, normally my standard go to pizza dough but this time was a little too fluffy and doughy and didn’t make a nice crispy base.  Might be because I used fresh yeast for the first time in ages.  Will have to investigate some new recipes to compare.

End result = ham, spinach, roasted red pepper, ricotta and mozzarella calzone, chorizo, spinach and mozzarella pizza










Saturday visit to the French Market at La Cigale.  Fresh juice, almond pastries and stocking the fridge with lovely veges – rhubarb, broccoli, cabbage and apples in season.

La Cigale Market - juice, crepes, cheese, apples









Cake making for my nephews christening.  We went for a sort of Hummingbird Cake with carrot and pineapple.  I also experimented with Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting combined with cream cheese (because carrot cake is not complete without cream cheese icing).  The cake was a hit so I guess the icing worked.  Sadly my camera ran out of batteries (bad aunty) so I didn’t get a photo of the completed and frosted cake.

Cake baking - flour and spice, eggs, carrot, cake pans









Chipotle infused vodka – currently ‘infusing’ in the cupboard.  Will test in a few days to see how the spice is going.  I used around 9 quite small chipotle peppers (only the small ones would fit into the bottle), and around 500ml of vodka.  The smell of those dried chipotles was AMAZE-ING.

Dried Chipotle Pepper Vodka









The only task not completed this weekend was the preserved lemons, due to lack of salt (bad planning doh).  Salt has now been purchased, so that will have to be a job for this week.  Have also been gifted a huge bag of lovely oranges from my awesome acupuncturist and have noticed our grapefruit tree is overloaded also, so will need to find a way of using up those.  Also have a quantity of egg yolks left over from the Swiss Meringue Buttercream – perhaps an icecream making session is in order?

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