TWD: Baking with Julia – White Loaves

So, it’s the first recipe of the Tuesdays with Dorie group I’ve joined. This week the recipe was White Loaves, hosted by the hosts of the group over at TWD, Jules and Laurie.

I’ve been looking forward to trying this recipe since I saw it was on the list, as the last time I made bread was years ago and it was really dense and not so great. I was hoping my baking had improved over the years, and of course my recipe horizons have opened up considerably since then.

I’ve been a bit distracted the last few weeks, with summer holidays and long weekends keeping me lazing on the beach and reading books rather than baking, but the weather has been too windy for boating this final long weekend (Waitangi Day for those of you who are out of NZ) so I finally got organized on Sunday night and got baking, for fresh bread to have on Monday morning! A little last minute, but who could blame me with a view like this!!

I decided, after reading a few of the comments on the TWD site, to make my loaf with a cinnamon swirl, seeing as we were heading home and unlikely to eat a loaf of plain bread before we leave. Also, I love cinnamon, especially for breakfast.

I found the recipe pretty easy to follow and execute. I was a little worried about making it away from my KitchenAid and dough hook, but it wasn’t too hard, I guess because I halved the recipe and only made one loaf instead of two. I’d read from others in the group that their mixers didn’t handle the dough that well, must be from the quantity so next time I try this at home I’ll have to remember to make a half recipe again too.

The loaf turned out great. I proved mine in the fridge overnight so I could bake in the morning and I don’t think it rose as much as it could have if baking straight away. But it was still light with a great crust and crumb. Definitely way better than my last bread making attempt!! The cinnamon swirl was also a great addition, next time I make it with cinnamon I’ll add more sugar to the dough (over the amount specified in the recipe), but this recipe is definitely getting added to my favourites list, plain or fancy.

Recipe #1 – success!!!! In two weeks time, we’ll be making chocolate truffle tarts. And by then I’ll be in my new house with my new kitchen, so stay posted as I have a flurry of things to post about in the meantime!

* the recipe can be found on the hosts sites as above
** check out the other bakers who have baked this recipe also on Tuesdays with Dorie
*** I used instant yeast and apparently didn’t knead mine as much as some of the other bakers (there was talk of KitchenAid mixers having fits but I didn’t have mine so I kneaded by hand and only for 3-4 minutes! – note to self – read the recipe more….) – but still turned out ok….

29 thoughts on “TWD: Baking with Julia – White Loaves

    • foodgirl says:

      Thanks – I normally use The Pioneer Woman recipe for Cinnamon swirls but this is a bit lighter – more like a brioche!!

    • foodgirl says:

      Ha I think I’m lucky I figured that out first – also I didn’t fancy kneading a double batch by hand without my mixer!!!

    • foodgirl says:

      Thank you – the snow looks really cold from down here!!! The cinnamon was great – I might try chocolate chips in it as well when I try again!

  1. Candy (dulce) says:

    Oh, your photos are so lovely! Of course you would be distracted. It’s been a few years since I’ve been to NZ, but it’s one of my favorite places in the world. Oh… And your bread looks lovely! The cinnamon swirl looks super tasty!

  2. Tierney says:

    I believe that the issues I and others experienced with the Kitchen Aids was the speed, not the amount of dough. My KA also rocked a bit and started to smell sort of funny so I skimmed the manual (after I made my bread, because doing it before or during would be too logical) and it says that when kneading a yeast dough you shouldn’t go above speed setting 2. It also gives the capacities for each KA mixer when making yeast dough and the full recipe quantity is totally within the given capacity range, so I’m still betting on the speed setting as the problem.

    • foodgirl says:

      Thank you – sadly I am back at work now and the view is not so nice, but hopefully we still have a few more months of summer to go!!!!

  3. Alice says:

    Did you allow the dough to come to room temperature after you pulled it out of the fridge and then let it proof some more? Also, if you want to do a slow second proof to bake in the morning, you can do the second proof in a oiled bowl, covered with oiled plastic wrap in the fridge. But you should let it come to room temp and give it some time to proof a third time before you bake (usually proof the third time while the oven warms up, which takes about 45 mins, so it works out great!) then it will work out like you never used the fridge in the first place :)

    • foodgirl says:

      Ooh that’s great info thanks – I was probably a little too fast putting it in the oven, I did try and let the temperature come up but I had a very impatient husband waiting to try it!!! I’ll try that way next time (if I can wait!!)

    • foodgirl says:

      Thank you – I don’t actually think I kneaded it enough (at least, not as long as the recipe said), so I’m hoping this is not just a fluke!!! Plan to try again this weekend so we’ll see!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Nice photos! I want to know what I was thinking when I DIDN’T add yummy goodness inside my loaves! Next time. Congratulations on your upcoming move, enjoy your new kitchen!

  5. Teresa says:

    I’m impressed that you made this entirely by hand – it looks like it turned out really well. I look forward to seeing your TwD posts from your new kitchen.

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